Restoring 6.5 backup licence issue

I'm trying to restore a youtrack 6.5 backup and everything goes well until it tries to start then shuts down with this error.

jetbrains.jetpass.dao.dnq.license.NotUniqueLicenseException: Services YouTrack [http://youtrack] and YouTrack2 [] can't have same non-free license

Is it possible to remove a licence somehow?

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Sebastian, do you use an external Hub or an embedded one?
Please let us know the exact build number of YouTrack that you're using + the type of your distribution (MSI, ZIP, JAR).

If you use an embedded Hub, then we recommend to upload your backup to the FTP: and then send us an email to with the name of the uploaded file. We'll fix the backup and return it back to you. It is totally confidential. Thank you.

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