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How on earth do I move all my backlog issues into an agile board?  It seems like I have to duplicate them all as cards?  Even when I assign one directly to a board it only shows as "X issues not visible on the board" . Why not?

 Am I missing something?

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Hello Paul, how do you usually add your backlog issues to the board? You can add them using several ways:

1) Drag and drop issues to the board.

2) Click the 'Add card to sprint' arrow button near the card in your backlog.

3) Use a command `Board <Board_name> <Sprint_name>` when you're not on the board.

If you see the message 'X issues not visible on the board' it means that the column where your cards should go is lacking on the board. You need to add a column for those cards to the board or to update your cards so that they fit one of the existing columns.

How are columns of your board configured? Could you please attach a screenshot?

A couple of links that might be useful:


Please let me know if you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help.

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