Report: Estimates Per User Per Sprint


I'm trying to get what I would think would be a simple report. I need a report that indicates how many estimated hours each user is assigned per sprint. I need this to properly distribute issues among the developers. Right now I have to have more than one report to accomplish this. If there is an alternative methodology of accomplishing the same task, I'm open to suggestions.

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Hello, unfortunately there is no Estimates report in YouTrack yet, please feel free to vote for this feature request:
There is also a description of a workaround in the feature request itself. Let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to answer.

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So, why have this option? (PIC 1)

This take me to a page to create a new report but don't work. (PIC 2)

After fill all fields and click the button, looks like the values are reset and that error show for a second and the error page shows (PIC 3)




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Hello Felipe, I'm sorry for the confusion. Estimation report is not yet released officially. We plan to release it in the version 2017.4 within a couple of weeks, please watch the announces.


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