I there a way to always create a new Issue in Email Integration?


Is there a way to disable the logic when youtrack is adding Emails as comments?

We have an web form where users can send us request emails to a mailbox that got imported by youtrack.

Some times (not always and no obvious pattern) youtrack is taking the emails form the web form and is adding them to an existing issue.

In our case this is not what we wanted and the easiest way to fix that would be to disable the commend logic in the email integration part.

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First, your comment is indeed related: only emails with message-ids are collected by design.

As for your initial question, an email is added as a comment in 2 cases:

1. It is a reply to an email from which an issue was created.

2. It contains an issue ID in subject.

In both cases, a user account which is used by mailbox integration has to have 'Create Comment' permission in a corresponding project.

So, the most simple solution is to revoke a 'Create Comment' permission from the user account(s) used by mailbox integration.

Something I just got aware of and maybe related

It seems that our server is not adding the message-id in the email header. After finding that out and force postfix to add a message-id my first three test emails got imported without problems. Maybe that was the problem, our message-id incudes a timestamp so maybe they are now generated as new issues every time.
I will keep an eye on that


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