Youtrack migration to external Hub

Hi everyone,

I'm running into an issue with Youtrack migration to external Hub.

We are using Youtrack for years, without any issue, and we are happy with it. Basically, we have Youtrack running with its base URL http://localhost:5000/youtrack. Youtrack is served through a nginx reverse proxy as

As we are happy with Youtrack, we would love to use Upsource in our tools. So we installed it.

We have Upsource running with its base URL http://localhost:5001/upsource. Again all is working as expected through a nginx reverse proxy as

Then, as far as I understand, in order to integrate Youtrack and Upsource, I need to install an external Hub in order to consolidate projects, users, groups, roles, etc...

So I installed Hub running with its base URL http://localhost:5002/hub. Again all is working as expected through a nginx reverse proxy as

From this setup I started to migrate Upsource to external Hub without any issues.

The last step to get a fully integrated tools setup is to migrate Youtrack to external Hub, and I encounter an error during the migration process.

  1. I navigated to
  2. I entered the token for the Youtrack Configurator
  3. I entered the External Hub Base URL
  4. I entered the Admin Login / Password and clicked on the "Log in to Standalone Hub"
  5. I get the error "Error: Error occurred while communicating with Hub"

In hub logs I see this error message:

jetbrains.jetpass.dao.api.SecurityViolationException: Operation CREATE for Service with id "476a4f60-6f46-42d9-8672-1a272bf28a5f" named "Migration Service (19 Apr 2017 14:23 GMT)" is not permitted

What am I doing wrong?

My test lab (all applications are dockerized):

  • Java 1.8.121
  • nginx 1.11
  • hub 2017.2.5178
  • youtrack 2017.2.32529 (Zip installation)
  • upsource 2017.1.1821 (Zip installation)

Thank you in advance for your any answer.


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Liubov Melnikova
Official comment

It seems that your Hub in read only mode. Could you please check it in global settings?

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