Failure to transition between states when using state machine


I have implemented a simple state machine that handles transitions between a value I've called 'Issue type' 

The value is Bug by default, and I would like to allow a transition to Feature.  The workflow screenshot is attached.

When I create a new issue and attempt to select "Feature" I see the message "Entering Feature" pop up, however the value listed next to Issue Type on the screen does not change.

When I remove the 'enter' call and replace it with an exit call, the message does not pop up. I have removed all other workflows from the project and the problem persists.  Any advice?


I have successfully implemented this type of state machine before.  The only thing that has changed is that I deleted one of the values in the IssueType Enum.  Could this have caused the issue?


I have also noted that a submitted issue can transition between enum values

Liubov Melnikova

This is a known issue unfortunately: . Good news, that it's fixed, fix will be available in the next update.


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