Is there any way to get workflow details using youtrack rest API

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Prasanthi, which workflow details exactly would you like to get?

Hi Liubov,

Thank you for the reply.

Every project will have a work flow right, that is the life cycle of an issue,for ex.,an issue will have so many status like "open:,"In progress","Resolved","Closed", This will be according to work flow of the  project.

So If we want to get  projects work flow or all the defined workflows in an youtrack instance, Is their any way for this?


Are these states are independent in youtrack or depended on project.

I mean to ask, can we assign a set of states to a particular project?

For ex: I asigned a set of states(Open,Inprogress,Resolved) to project-1, then project-1 can use only this states and cannot use other states in the system.




Hi Prasanthi, the bundles (sets of values) do not depend on the project. In each project you can use the default bundle or you can create an individual bundle which would be used for this project only. More about bundles you can learn here:

Anyway, to ensure that the bundle of a specific project contains only the required State values, the easiest way is to check the values that this project currently has and add/delete some values so that the resulting set of values consists only of the required values.


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