Run workflow after change happend

I'm testing the new javascript workflow editor and i'm trying to implement something like this:

We have a database of issues from multiple sources and we combine al the results into 1 system. This allows us to keep track of issues in multiple systems. At the moment we index al the changes in youtrack every 5 minutes. But we want to switch to the workflows using the http method.

My case at the moment is that i'm doing the following. 

  1. I have a work flow that uses the new http connection
  2. When something changes i call the remote system with the id of the issue in a GET request
  3. The remote system gets al the latest info

But my problem is that they workflow is called before the change is stored in the database. So i'm always late to the party and my data is out of sync. 

Is there a way to do a onChange after the changes happend? 




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Hello Cliff, thank you for reaching out!

Here's what we can suggest:

1) Create a special tag which would be visible for all users

2) Create a stateless rule which would tag issues as soon as they are updated

3) Create a scheduled rule: iterate over issues with that tag, send the request and untag the issue.


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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