Authenticate using OAuth2 for accessing YouTrack issues



I want to fetch YouTrack issues using the Rest Api. I'm using YouTrack 2017.2 with a 50 user licence with integrated Hub.

How do I get the access token?

I have the client_id (this is listed in the YouTrack service in the Hub), the scope (which is "YouTrack"), but I don't have the client secret.

I can't view the current secret, and I can't generate a new one because YouTrack won't work anymore. And I believe the secret is generated everytime the windows service restarts (e.g. after a reboot).


What is the workflow to authenticate using the Hub and to access YouTrack with the received token?



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Liubov Melnikova
Official comment

Please open instane_name/hub > Authentication > Add Youtrack, YouTrack administration as services and then create a token.

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