You have no license for the service. You have no license for YouTrack

I`m totally unable to create a new valid user for youtrack.

I`ve got free license for youtrack and upsource, which means up to 10 users each.

For now i`ve got total of 8 users (actually, 7; 8th is non-working with aforementioned error)

I`ve read all through



My brain almost exploded now.

I`ve revoked excessive groups and roles from anywhere I can, but it still not working.


And, what pisses me off the most - is that I`m unable to see what actual record consumes a license: it just says that I'm out of license, but do not describes why, so I've got no instrument to debug issue. 

Complete disaster(


Under hub/licenses I still have 6 of 10 available for youtrack and 7 of 10 available for upsource.

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Liubov Melnikova
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 Please record a HAR file on the creation of the user .

I'd recommend to attach it privately to the support request (top right corner).

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