How to use Epic as dimension for “Issues per Two Fields” diagram in Youtrack 6.5

Let me please copy reproduce my question from  here:

I'm trying to build Issues per Two Fields diagram which should display how tickets are distributed over its states in every Epic. This thing is that Epics are defined in Youtrack via hierarchy relation "parent-child" and these relations cannot be used as fields in diagram settings. Will anybody kindly say if there is any official way to configure the diagram to use tickets' parents as dimension parameter for aggregation?

(P.S Just to clarify: first column of the diagram should be list of Epics)


  Regards, Valentin

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Liubov Melnikova
Official comment

Unfortunately, that's not possible, but this is a good idea, please feel free to report it to our tracker: .


You will be able to receive the answer directly from our developers while other users will be able to write their opinion of your proposal.


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