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Can i make the all comment invisible by default for special group and et them read only self comments and comments that i mark by "visible to"

For example: 

I have task - TASK-1
Also i have 3 groups Executive, Managers, Resources

So, i want restrict access to all comment for Executive group, except commnets that i marked as visible to Executive



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Unfortunately, it's not possible. Could you please elaborate, what do you mean by "set other value by default"?

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Or, if it is not possible, can i set other value by default on "visible to" option for comments?

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There is "All users" value in "visible to" option now by default

I'd like to set for example option "Resources" to prevent errors and public secrets comments

And i have follow question ) 

Is it possible to show task that i assigned only ? And don't let see other tasks (it is not about filter, it's about read rights)

I need to give an access for some people just to tasks that they are assigned 

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No, that's not possible too. Feel free to describe the feature request more detailed in our tracking system .




i'd recommend to set saved search "For:me"as default:


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