Due Date Email Notification

I am working on the following task:

Whenever there is a ticket overdue AND a comment was posted, then sens an email to e.g. Assignee

SUBJ: (project)(ticket-id) OVERDUE since (due-date): (ticket-priority) (ticket-title)
Include a link to the ticket
if :
commented: include last comment
OR if no comments is available, original ticket-body in the ticket"

i have developed it as following:


 action: function(ctx) {
    var issue = ctx.issue;
    if (issue.fields.DD < Date.now() && issue.comments  != null) {

     issue.fields.Assignee.notify(issue.id +' OVERDUE since '+ new Date(issue.fields.DD ).toDateString('yyyy MM dd') + ': ' + issue.fields.Priority  +', '+ issue.summary  , issue.url +'    Last Comment:'+ issue.comments.last().text );
    } else {
     issue.fields.Assignee.notify(issue.id , issue.description );



and i added this :


Priority: {
      type: entities.EnumField.fieldType


in requirements as well.

But i receive [object Object] for issue.fields.Priority.

AND when there is no comment on issue, the ELSE statement doesn't work.

could you please tell me what is wrong here?


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issue.comments are always there. In case there're actually no comments on the issue, the Set is empty, but not null.

As for the Priority field question. We'll add a more descriptive toString method to the object, but for now please be aware that there's a name property of the enum field that you actually need.

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Thanks for Reply.

My problem with issue.comments is solved.

But the problem with Priority has been not.

The funny thing is, when write it alone in subject area:

issue.fields.Assignee.notify(issue.fields.Priority , issue.url);

it returns the correct value of Priority filed like "Normal 4" , but when i combine it with something else:

issue.fields.Assignee.notify( issue.id + issue.fields.Priority , issue.url);

it returns [object Object] instead of Normal 4

by the way i added the name property of enum filed.

any suggestion?

Thank you,

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That's due to incorrect (actually, not implemented) toString function of Priority object. My suggestion was that you write issue.fields.Priority.name instead of just issue.fields.Priority.

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Thank you very much.

The problem is solved.

appreciate your help.


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