How to edit workflows with the Editor?


Hi there,

I tried to edit a Workflow with the Editor 4.0. As long as I can stick to STRG + SPACE and find what I am looking for it works quite well, but if I actually have to type something or want to copy & paste from another example, nothing works. The code stays red and is not transferred to YouTrack. Is there any other possibility to edit workflows? I have especially trouble with html tags which are used for instance in the Notify Multiple Unregistered Users. How am I supposed to edit/create this?



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Hello Thomas, actually copy-pasting code doesn't work in our old Workflow Editor, so we can only recommend you to re-type your HTML code into the workflow manually.

Which YT version are you using? Have you already tried our new JS workflows? You can write new JS workflows in the browser, and you can copy-and-paste code there without any issues. Please have a look:

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Hi Liubov,

I am using version 2017.2. JS sounds much more convenient than the other editor. Thanks for that information!

Since the feature is experimental, it seems like that I cannot edit the existing (old style) default workflows via JS, right? Is there a plan to migrate them to JS? Are there already JS versions of default workflows which I could use as reference? Basically, I want to slightly modify the NotifyMultipleUnregisteredUsers workflow in order to use YT as help desk.

Thanks in advance!



Hello Thomas, I'm very sorry for the delayed response.

We have plans to migrate all predefined workflows to JS, we're working on it right now actually. We plan to release the rewritten workflows within the version 2017.3


Nice, thank you for your answer.


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