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Hi Guys,

I need to set up a search request which will show up issues that has been planned to certain date and did not complete at that time. Is that really possible? 


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Hello Boris, you can search for a range of dates, for example: `#Unresolved Due Date: 2017-01-01 .. today`

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Thx for a quick answer! 

We've got youtrack in russian as well as all search queries and commands. Is there any documentation written in russian? English articles aint helpfull at all. 



Borid, unfortunately, we don't have documentation in Russian.

Please note that even when your instance is in Russian, you can still use search queries in English, they will still work.


I have tried but did not have any luck. Some queries work fine but some dont at all. 

The one you gave me works good: #unresolved due date: 2017-01-05 .. today

But this one which is taken from manual - does not: #issues assigned to: me

What am i doing wrong? 


Boris, could you please try to re-type this query in the search and make sure that 'assigned to:' part is completed from the dropdown?

In addition, please check the settings of the 'Assignee' custom field. There should be an alias 'assigned to' which should make this search possible.


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