Cards set to a sprint but not showing on board


One of my teams has 35 cards set to "Sprint 6" but only 14 show in the sprint.

I've verified that all projects are added to the agile board, and have concluded that a bunch of the cards for some bizarre reason do not have "Board Barcelona Team: Sprint 6".

I want the board to present all issues that have the Sprint 6 Sprint Value (using version-based board with a custom field called Sprint)


How do I correct the issue? Is this a bug? It certainly seems like bizarre behaviour, and I can't seem to programmatically "add Board Barcelona Team".

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Orrin, could you please send me screenshots of the board settings (tabs 'General' and 'Columns and Rows') + also some screenshots from some issues that are not on that board but should be. Please expand the 'Boards' section there.

Also please send a screenshot of the attempt to add cards to the board via a command. What's the issue there, do you see any suggestions in the dropdown?



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