Import via Python fails


Hey YouTrack team,

I exported a small test data set of 4 tickets from YouTrack as CSV file and tried to import it via Python (into the same system). The import fails with the following output:

  File "C:/repo/youtrack-rest-python-library/python/", line 208, in get_project
    raise Exception("Bad csv file")
Exception: Bad csv file
ERROR: issue does not contain a project_name key called "Project"

First, I got the message that the key called "Projekt" (German for Project) was missing. I thought there was a bug that with a YouTrack instance in German you could not export the issues via CSV, however, after changing the language to English, the message remains. Any suggestions? I would like to attach the .csv file, but the file type is not permitted here neither is .txt.





I figured out that I am missing the mapping file mentioned here.




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Hi Thomas, it looks like your CSV file has incorrect format. We can recommend you to send us your CSV file + the mapping file to, we'll be able to help and provide more information about the issue.


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