Can't change system language after importing from jira

I've finished importing tasks from jira project
But my problem is that I've lost ability to change system language.
The UI just shows red message:
"Constrains validation exception. Causes: 1: Localized name should be unique 2: Localized name should be unique"
In the error logs I can see exception:
ERROR [UserActionJob       ] [UserActionJobProcessor                            ] [init] Exception on executing user action
jetbrains.exodus.database.exceptions.ConstraintsValidationException: Constrains validation exception. Causes:
  1: Localized name should be unique
  2: Localized name should be unique

    at com.jetbrains.teamsys.dnq.database.TransientSessionImpl.executeBeforeFlushTriggers(
    at com.jetbrains.teamsys.dnq.database.TransientSessionImpl.beforeFlush(
    at com.jetbrains.teamsys.dnq.database.TransientSessionImpl.flushChanges(
    at com.jetbrains.teamsys.dnq.database.TransientSessionImpl.flush(
    at jetbrains.dnq.lang.TransactionsKt.flush(Transactions.kt:26)
    at jetbrains.youtrack.localization.service.LocalizationService$getFlusherITranslator$1.toLocale(LocalizationService.kt:152)
    at jetbrains.youtrack.localization.service.LocalizationService.runTranslation$youtrack_localization_main(LocalizationService.kt:110)
    at jetbrains.youtrack.localization.service.LocalizationService$changeLocale$job$
    at jetbrains.charisma.persistent.UserActionJob.executeAction(
    at jetbrains.charisma.persistent.UserActionJob.execute(
    at jetbrains.exodus.core.execution.ThreadJobProcessor.executeJob(
    at jetbrains.exodus.core.execution.JobProcessorQueueAdapter.doExecuteJob(
    at jetbrains.exodus.core.execution.JobProcessorQueueAdapter.doJobs(
    at jetbrains.exodus.core.execution.ThreadJobProcessor$
Also in logs I can see several lines like this (don't know if its relevant):
Cannot translate enum with name <NNN> because enum with that name exists
Where NNN - non-english names of states and issue types from JIRA
What should I do with these errors? How can I enable language translation?
Liubov Melnikova
Official comment

There are two ways to handle this:

1. Create import on the clean database, but first change the language.

2. Or you need to rename custom fields, then redo the import

Liubov Melnikova



We have a workaround for such situations, but I need to know, which language are you using?


Any news about workaround? :)

Liubov Melnikova

Please see my "Official comment" on the top of the list



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