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Can you walk me through what would be required for me to set up permissions such that a user or group would have the ability to make new projects?

I've added a new role "Project creator" and given it global permission to create new projects, assigned the role to a group, and put a user in this group.  This user still cannot see the "create project" button.

I don't want to give sysadmin access to this group, as ideally I'd like people to be able to create and update their own projects, but not edit others.  We have some projects with confidential information that we don't want to expose to more admins than necessary.

Stand alone Windows Install (Windows Server 2012 R2)



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Liubov Melnikova
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I've attached the list of permissions, that are necessary to create a project. 
To restrict access to some project, you need to setup access tab in instance_name/hub > Projects > Fine-tune project settings > Access.


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