Could not listen to IP + Port 1111

Hi YouTrack team,

I am trying to install YouTrack 2017.2 on a server in the cloud with IIS according to this documentation [1]. During the installation process, I wanted to change the base url and the port to accordingly to 1111 (as mentioned in [1]). However, YouTrack keeps telling "Could not listen on IP and Port 1111". I can only continue with the default data which does not allow me to access the server from the web.

Like in 20. of [1] I added a binding to the IIS Manager with the following:

  • type: https
  • IP: Server base ip
  • Port: 1111
  • Hostname:
  • SSL-Certifcate: WMSVC

I even added rules for port 1111 to the windows firewall to allow traffic.

I tried to install YouTrack with various combinations of: Server base ip, 1111 and hostname, but the message "Could not listen to IP + Port 1111" remained the same (except for the default) parameters.

Any idea what went wrong?




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Hello Thomas, could you please write to and send us your IIS config + the full logs of your YouTrack as per p.1 here:

Thank you!

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