Viewing the full hierarchy of an Epic

If I have a given Epic, that has multiple User Stories as sub-tasks, each of which has Tasks as their sub-tasks, is there a way to visualize that entire hierarchy of just that one Epic, regardless of what sprints/feature versions they may be assigned to?

I have found that I can see this in an Agile Board, but not for only one Epic... it is generally showing them by something like sprint, or an unfiltered board, which is painful to work in.   So far, when I have tried to filter down to just one epic, I end up filtering out the tasks because they are not direct sub-tasks of the epic I try to filter by.

I have tried using the tree view of the Issues list, but again, I cannot find how to filter so that I can filter by the epic ID and see it and all of its children and sub-children.

Does anyone know of a good way to see a given Epic and all sub-tasks recursively?

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Hi Glenn, unfortunately, it's not possible yet. Please feel free to vote for this feature request in our tracker:


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