workflow for dummy, my first workflow

I'm trying to understand how this work, I look in all the pages that I found about the javascript workflow but I guess I'm missing something...

at this point I just want to have an email out to the "businessowneremail" (a custom field) to confirm that a issue was created in it behalf, so I created a workflow and added an action module "ticketcreated" but nothing is happening when I create an issue ticket

(I tried using issue.fields.assignee too)

Any direction is appreciated.

The code is:

var entities = require('v1/entities');

exports.rule = entities.Issue.action({
  // TODO: give the rule a human-readable title
  title: 'Ticketcreated',
  // TODO: define the custom command
  command: 'TicketCreated',
  action: function(ctx) {
    var issue = ctx.issue;
    if (issue.becomesReported)
      wokflow.message("it was already there");
    // TODO: specify what to do when the command is executed
  requirements: {
    // TODO: add requirements


Thank you.


I forgot to mention that I have the email notification integration configured. So the "project" is receiving email, is there something else to there to be able to send email out?


I'm getting closer but one thing that I cannot figure out yet is how to send an email notification using a custom field that contains the email address?

This line is throwing error




I'm almost sure it is because the issue.fields.BusinessOwnerEmail is not an USER object, but what is the way to do then?


Hi Carlos, am I right and you're trying to send an email to an unregistered user, i.e. just to an email address?

In the old workflow API we've had a sendMail() method that allowed this functionality, in the new workflows it's not available yet. It will be available after the upcoming 2017.3 release. Please wait a bit and give it a try afterwards.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks.


Ok, thank you.... I was hoping to be able to continue on this so by the time of the webminar I can have more specific questions.


Carlos, don't worry, the release is planned to happen within less than a week, so you should be able to have time for testing.
Thanks for your questions!


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