Redirect to wrong port (80)


Hi All,

I'm trying to run Youtrack in a Docker container behind Nginx proxy. Internally it is using 8080, but from outside I'm accessing it using https (port443). After start I'm able to access the configuration manager and everything looks good until the very last step. After it all requests for some reason are redirected to port 80 (whic is not open) and Youtrack became unaccessible from outside.

To clarify, the url that is used to access the 'configuration manager' (and I want to use the same url after Youtrack is configured) looks like this:

After config is complete Youtrack redirects all requests to this one: 


I don't know where this port 80 come from and not sure how to work around it. 


UPDATE: I removed one of the proxies in front of YouTrack (deployed it on different host) and it fixed the problem 




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