Mutiple Agile boards for project: configuring board behavior


I created agile board just for front end tasks. Backlog for this board is a query: Subtask of: EIB-8773 or Subtask of: EIB-3234 or Assignee: jeengray or tag: EIB.Markup.

Also Board behavior is "Automatically add new issues to First Sprint"
I need for issues to add automatically on this board accordingly to this query. But now any issue in project appears on the board.
1. I create issue with tag EIB.Markup. It adds to the board. This is OK.
2. I create issue without tags, parents and assignees. And it adds to the board too. This is BAD.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a way to sidestep this?

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Could you please provide the screenshot of your board's settings?

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Do you need sprints? If not, our new feature about "No sprints"+query would be helpful for your problem.

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Well, I suppose "No sprints" + query would help. The question is, when this option will be released for standalone version?
And how can I find it?


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