YouTrack and nginx as reverse proxy




I'm using the YouTrack ZIP which is installed and running fine behind nginx as reverse proxy.

Setup SSL which also works as expected with a browser.


However, trying to use the JetBrains plugin within PHPStorm for YouTrack, using SSL, connection is always timed out or failed.

The certificate is not self signed and is a chain certificate, issued by let's encrypt.

I tried adding the certificate as trusted certificate to PHPStorm as well, but still connection time out.


If I disable SSL on nginx, it works like a charm and connects within 1 second though I would prefer to use SSL.



Hi Pieter, I've created a ticket for this issue in our support system.


Hello Pieter,


1. Please enable debug logging in PhpStorm as described in

2. Reproduce the problem

3. And attach the logs from PhpStorm here


Thanks in advance.


Hi Liubov Dievskaia and Eugenbox,


Thanks for the very fast replies!

as per Eugenbox's instructions, here's the log file: 


Thanks for helping out!





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