Spent time on parent issue calculated incorrectly

I have a parent issue with 4 subtasks. One of the subtasks has 21 minutes logged - https://www.screencast.com/t/Cmq5D9Im6TDN

The parent issue is calculating 1h3m for Spent time - https://www.screencast.com/t/P0SZqp1eBwEd

What can be the reason for this? Is there any way to recalculate the times?


Additional Information:

I am using the Timer workflow to record time

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Could you please provide the version of YouTrack, that you are using?

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Hi Lüba,


Thanks for your quick response. I am using the YouTrack InCloud version. I have resolved this issue though by using some information from other posts. Below are the steps are taken to resolve this.

1. Turn off Time Tracking for the project. This makes the Spent time field editable.

2. Manually set the time of the parent ticket to match the correct calculated time.

3. Turn Time Tracking back on.

4. Spent time is now syncing properly.


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