Automatic sprints creation

Dear YouTrack team!

In my project I use sprints as weekly timeframes for planning issues.
For now, I manually create a bunch of weekly sprints for the next several months, thus I do it every few months.
I would like to automate this job, so my question is:

Is there a way to automatically generate new sprints, say, via REST API?

I know it is possible to create new version via /rest/admin/customField/versionBundle/{name}
But versions only have release date and not start date, so I assume those are handled somewhat separately. Or are they?

Our current YouTrack version is 2017.2 Build 34279 30 Jun 2017.

Thank you for your time!

P.S.: there might be a way of analyzing network queries while creating a sprint manually, but if it leads to using internal and undocumented API, I would like to avoid going down that road whenever possible due to potential maintenance issues.


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Official comment

Currently the only way is internal undocumented API, unfortunately. In the current API version you can not create sprints. 

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Does anyone know if this has changed at all recently? Automatic sprint creation would be awesome. 


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