Issues across branches

Suppose I have branch A which was split into 3 branches A, B, C. Each branch belongs to a customer.

Now I found a bug in branch C which exists in branches A and B as well.
In my youtrack my projects are A, B and C like the branches.
I want to report that issue in each one of the projects so as I see it - i have the following options:
1. Clone each one of the bugs in each project.
2. Make only one project for all branches and create one issue. And create the following custom fields like:
- exists in A. Yes/no
- fixed in A on version...
- exists in B yes/no
- fixed in B in version...
- exists in C yes/no
- fixed in C in version

I am looking for a more built-in and effective way to manage same issues in each one of the branches without cloning issues for every project.

Please advise us.

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Unfortunately, it seems to be the only solutions, that we can suggest you. Feel free to describe the feature request more detailed in our tracking system .



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