Reviewers from Upsource visible on Agile Board

Hello JetBrains,

we use both of your fine team-supporting products, Upsource and YouTrack. We have a nice Agile Board on YouTrack, that has a Code Review colum there. We put a card there, whenever we do CR in Upsource.

The thing is, that when we do our morning standup, our developers would like to know, who is doing CR and what is it's status. We would like to have an overview of that on Agile Board, just like it is sometimes (more on that later) visible in every task's "VSC Changes" tab. There are mostly revisions from VCS, but there are also records like "Greg added review", and there are avatars with or without thumbs up on the right hand side. We would love to have this on the agile board.

Is it possible?

These records "XXX added review" are not always there though. One thing we observed, it isn't there whenever there are 2+ CRs in Upsource (mostly because there are separate CRs for code and tests), but it is not always the case.

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Unfortunately, that is not possible currently.

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