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I am looking for some confirmation on your available plans.

We are an organisation currently using YouTrack to track our work. We are currently signed up to a free 15 user account but I am concerned about the privacy of our projects. I have been advised that there is an option or the ability to make projects or issues private while only subscribing to this free plan, is this correct? It was suggested that there is an option to pay for the projects to be private without having to pay for the extra licencees?


Craig Davison

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Hello Craig, please take a look at this page with all the information on our plans:

Some more details and clarifications:

1) Our free plan includes 10 active users.

2) All free instances have _guest_ account enabled which grants access to all issues and projects to all anonymous users.

3) In a commercial instance (any plan from 15 users and more), you can ban the _guest_ account and disable anonymous access.

4) You can only subscribe to one of the predefined susbcription plans (see link above). It means you can't buy only private projects or only additional user accounts.

More information here:

Let me know if I can answer any further questions. Thanks.

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