Issues while updating agile board

While adding a  card on the board, instead of automatically assigning it to myself, it assigned it to Uncategorized Cards. After some more trials on the same, I get an error:

    Entity with id 106-235.90-73 not found

and then it does not even create the card or assigns it to the Uncategorised Cards again. What is the problem here?


Same issue here.  Our agile board is all messed up over the last two days.  We can't add issues, move them, or anything.  They disappear with errors all over the place similar to yours.  What's going on?


This is somewhat connected to may case when swimlanes order gets lost. Whenever I, as owner and sole editor of the board, set properer swimlane order, people that have that board opened in their browser make a change, they affect the order of swimlane. And in some of those occasions afterwards, mentioned error appears



It would be good to get this resolved ASAP - it's making YouTrack pretty much unusable.



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