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I've posted a similar question to the Hub forum, but didn't get any response. Apologies for the cross post!

I've got Hub and YouTrack set up on the same machine, which YouTrack set to use Hub for authentication. It's all set up using local network names at the moment.

I'm now trying to get it to work from outside of our office. I've got the relevant ports opened on the router, and I can get to YouTrack from outside (at least to its loading page), but when it attempts to send me to the authentication page, it uses Hub's internal address (i.e. http://BuildMachine:8081) rather than our external IP (http://123.456.78.910:8081).

Is there a tidy solution to that? I've tried adding http://BuildMachine:8081 to the Hub's Redirect URL's section, but that didn't help (to be honest, I don't really know what the redirect urls actually do, but another post on this forum seemed to suggest that was the correct answer). It still ends up with the browser pointing at the local address.

Apologies for the almost certainly newb-ish questions. Any help would be much apprectiated.




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Hi, Rob!

We are sorry for delayed response, below an answer from Hub forum is duplicated.

To the moment YouTrack doesn't support working with external Hub instance in both internal and external mode (using different Hub IP addresses at the same time) 

Replacing internal IPs with external ones should resolve the issue unless external IP is accessible from internal network.
Do not forget to reconfigure YouTrack and Hub instances accordingly.

- hub stop
- hub configure --base-url=<new_hub_url_here>
- hub start

- youtrack stop
- youtrack configure --base-url=<new_youtrack_url_here>
- youtrack start
- After YouTrack started, open the following page <new_youtrack_url_here>/bundle/admin 
- Log in to administration UI and update external hub URL there.

Regarding best practices. We recommend you to setup SSL/TLS-terminating proxy in front of you services, so that end users could access the services by https URLs only.

See the following documentation pages for details:

Also find a list of all recommended best practices by the following link:

Alexey Barsov 
JetBrains Developer


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