reset to old value the summary if user try to modify after the creation

I'm trying to block users changing the summary and the description of the issue if they try to modify after creating the ticket, but even the line below is blocking the user, the value on screen keep showing the new value. How can I reset the screen to keep showing the original value?


/// if the summary changed and the State is no longer '01-Request Created', they shouldn't be to change and set back the value to original

   if (issue.isChanged("summary") && !== '01-Request Created') {
         issue.summary = issue.oldValue("summary");
         workflow.check(1==2, 'The summary cannot be changed after creation of request, use comments');   //force the message


What I'm doing wrong? I can see the OldValue contains the original, how can I make that to show in screen?


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Hi Carlos, I'm sorry for the delayed response.

Could you please clarify, at which point do you see the new value on the screen? Is it possible to record us a short screencast?

Thank you.

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Sure, also I'm look how to block the users from edit a comment that was already posted and remove the "Add Value" from custom fields

I will sent the gif animation soon




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how can I send you the screen cast by a private channel? 


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Carlos, please write us to and send additional details.



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