Set workdays for the burndown chart

My team works all days in a week, so I would like to disable weekends on our burndown charts. I can set workdays in the time tracking settings, but cannot understand how to do this with burndown charts?

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Please follow this article on how-to change time tracking settings: .

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I have chosen all days as workdays, and in `Unsceduled` sprint I have the straight line:
But in my first sprint, I have a strange change in 1 day:
I cannot understand what could cause such behavior.

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Boris, I'm very sorry for the delayed response.

A couple of questions to you:

1) Which YouTrack build number are you using? If you're using a cloud instance, please let us know its name.

2) What are the settings of the burndown, could you please show us a screenshot?

3) Please record us a HAR file on loading of this burndown. Instructions are here, p.3:

Thank you.


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