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Recently we had run into an issue with our standalone YouTrack instance. YT is configured as a Help Desk, using the guide from the official documentation and everything works great. Emails are picked up and registered by the bug tracker. However if email has an attachment, greater than 7Mb in size, mail fetching hangs indefinitely. Removing offending email from the inbox temporally solves an issue, until the next message with such attachments is received.

What I have tried so far (sadly without much success):

  1. Setting up maximum attachment size up to 200 Mb;
  2. Restarting YT instance;
  3. Removing and setting up mailbox and mail rules in the YT mail integration page.

Sadly, YT logs does not contain useful info as well. There are no relevant records in the errors.log, and mailbox.log has only this line:

13 окт 2017 15:26:04,582 INFO  [MailRuleImpl        ] [tzJobProcessor3] [init] [Accepted] Fetched message [id: 1D50573E77B1744D99256DC82C16D6D23DECDAB7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx].


Permanently deleted user

Could you please capture the JStack of your server at the moment when Mailbox Integrations is hanging on such an email with a big attachment? We need to understand at which point the fetch hangs.

Could you please also tell us the exact YouTrack version and build number?

You can share the JStack via any file sharing method you prefer or you can send it to our support at with a reference to this thread.


Hello, Mariya. I had created a request, but since I am unable to see it in my profile, will duplicate info here.

My YT version is 2017.3.35488. 



Lavrentiy, we've answered you in the support ticket, let's continue the discussion there.


The problem is: I dont see my support ticket in my profile:


Did you receive the letter from the support?


Are you sure, that you've created a new ticket?


Yes I did. I did not authenticate on your site first however, so ticket was created, but was not binded to my account and I can not see it.

 Do I need to create another one?



Yes, please, create another one and we'll answer it, also you will be able to see it under "your requests".


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