Search that includes all nested subtasks of issue

We have a few projects created in YouTrack for different owners (product manager vs tech teams, mainly). It helps us organize things a lot better as there's various pieces to the puzzle. A typical structure may look like this:

REQ-1 (Epic)

  iOS-1 (User Story)

    iOS-2 (Task)

    iOS-3 (Task)

  Android-1 (User Story)

    Android-2 (Task)

    Android-3 (Task)


What we'd like to have is a custom search that basically says "Any issue underneath REQ-1". We can get the immediate subtasks easily, but no way to drill any deeper from the search terms I've tirelessly tried.

The tree view seems excellent for this, but if we select "All Projects", it pulls in a lot of other stuff. If we only select the "Requirements" project, it won't show the subtasks, since they are in a separate project.

This is similar to some really old questions, but going to post again in case there's some new ideas with more recent versions. Previous, related link from 2013:

Thoughts or suggestions?

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Unfortunately there's no such option. Please vote/comment for the issue in our tracking system to increase it's priority and be notified about updates: .

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