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I'm stuck. My question is a probobly simple, but I'm new at JS.So is there any method or expression to define linked issue's ID? For example to show issues ID in the pop up message I use this: 

workflow.message(workflow.i18n('IssueID:' +;

But I want to display issue ID of some linked issues. E.g. Issue A-123, has link 'Relates To' issue A-200. When I define link with 

var relatesTo = issue.links['relates to']; and use in a message I get with result: IssueID: undefined.

Please help. Thank you i advance.


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Hi Irina, thanks for your question.

First of all, please don't use the method i18n() in your workflows - it's a special method used for built-in localization. It can't be used in custom workflows, unfortunately.

Second, please check that you have correctly written the requirements section:

Could you please share the full code? 



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Hello Liubov,

Thank you for such a fast reply. Probably some post magic worked for me this time, because I found a solution for my case - I used some part of code from default dependencies workflow. Now my workflow works as I want it to.

As you advised I removed i18n() method from my script as well.

Thank you very much.





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