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I have a question about Mailbox integration. We have configured Mailbox integration as helpdesk, and it works fine. We comunicate with clients though emails and use created issues for project management. The problem we face is that sometimes conversation with some clients may take a long time, so there are a lot of emails with attachments that becomes comments of the issues. Every time comment is attached a lot of attachment from quoted mail section is attached to issue as well. Many of them (attachments) is been duplicated. I created an issue in Youtrack for collapsing attachment section (JT-43785). But now I came up with the idea that may solve our problem: is there posibility to cut off and not to add to comment quoted email text (between {cut >>>} and (cut})? Maybe there is the way I can adjust workflow to not include email quoted text to comment?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Irina, unfortunately, cutting the quoted text won't help in this case. Attachments are not included into the text of the letter, and our workflows can't delete attachments.



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