Change issue priority or reopen if summary is duplicated

Hi all,

Im trying to integrate our Nagios alert mail system with YouTrack.

Nagios send an email when some check fails and always have the same "subject", we are currently using something like:


For example:

"Client A - Load average too high - CRITICAL"

And as message body, the entire result of the check.

With this subject, YouTrack create a new issue with this as "summary" into "Nagios" project, someone check the alert and mark it as "viewed" or anything else.

So, i want to make a workflow with the ability to reopen this issue if its currently closed or change the Priority to next level (from normal to mayor, etc...) if still open. (assuming that the "unique" key for "Nagios" project is "Summary")

There are any way to create something like that?

In resume

Incoming issue from Nagios email account to Nagios Proyect

If "summary" exist and its open > increase priority and create a comment with email body

If "summary" exist and its close > reopen and create a comment with email body

else > create new issue

Im try to find something like that without success.

Thanks in advance!

* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year * :)

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Official comment

The problem of this use-case is that you can't avoid creating an issue when an email comes. You may instead do something when it is created (becomes reported) and immediately mark it as fixed or invalid or whichever state you find appropriate.

Mailbox integration has a part of functionality, that looks for related issue by summary. So, when you new issue is created, it will be linked to the issue with the same summary (with 'related to' link). You may write a rule which will check if a new issue has something related and do some stuff with that related issue.

Alternatively, if you want to be more sure about the result (as there is no guarantee that if you have some related issues, the one you are interested in will be found), you may use `search` functionality to look for the issue by summary (see for details).

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Hi Mariya,
Really thanks a lot for the comment and feedback about the workflow
It's completely usefull for me.
Best regards


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