TeamCity integration and SVN

We want VCS integration in Youtrack and we use SVN so we have to use TeamCity Integration.  This seems to require individually mapping Youtrack projects to every single TeamCity build that you want to track. 

Firstly is there some way that I'm missing to make it just globally map everything so that when you commit something to SVN with a Youtrack issue number it just gets linked?  I would imagine that's what everyone is really after with this feature (and I guess that's how the Gitlab/Github VCS integrations work).

Assuming I didn't miss anything then it seems like you have to explicitly map every single combination of Youtrack project and TeamCity build that might coincide and if you don't then it's just not going to track and you're going to get no warning that this is going to happen.  This is made even harder by the fact that the people that are likely to be creating builds in TeamCity do not have Youtrack admin privileges in our company so even if they do remember that mappings need to be created they're not going to be able to (obviously requests can be made, but it's all a waste of time).  Is there some technical limitation behind this frankly tedious configuration process?

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Unfortunately, you are correct and it doesn't work automatically. 

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