Cannot assign task to users when adding a group to a project

I have a developers group with 2 users.

I go to Projects -> <Project name> -> Team.

I add the developers group and see both users.

However, I cannot assign any tasks to the users unless I add them as individuals.


Is this a bug? If not, the UI is pretty misleading in that it shows users belonging to the group as part of the team with no indication if they are appearing as a group member or individual. If not a bug, I'm also curious what the purpose of adding groups to a project are.

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Could you please elaborate, what do you mean by "adding them individually"?

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'them' refers to users in that sentence.

When I add a user to a project by their name, I can assign tasks for that project to the user I added.

Take a step back now as if I had not added them to the group.

When I add the developer group, users of the developer group appear in the team list as expected, but I am unable to assign tasks for that project to the users in that group.

Steps to reproduce:

- Go to Projects -> <Project Name>

- Click "Add user or group"

- Select a group

Result: Users of that group appear as team members, however tasks cannot be assigned to them. When setting the assign field of a task, their names do not appear or autocomplete.

Expected Result: Users of that group appear as team members (fine), but I should be able to assign tasks to members of that group. Their names should appear or autocomplete when I set the assignment field of a task.


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Thank you for clarification!

You need to open Projects > project_name > Edit project > Team and select user (s) and choose "Add to assignees". By default users are added as not assignees.

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I see, it did show the user on the 'Edit Project' page that the user was not an assignee. That resolved the issue.

However, the appeal of using groups is so individual users do not need to be configured.

Is there no way to indicate a group should be assignees for any project they are added to? This would be a nice feature.

Not a huge deal though. So far I am enjoying a little liberation from the bloated and un-intuitive mess that Jira has become.

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Currently there's no such option. Please feel free to request a feature: . Other users will be able to comment on your proposal and vote for it.


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