Remote debugger and run/debug config tempalte missing in intellj

Maybe this should have been reported to intellj but i was trying to play a little with the remote debugger.

I have installed IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2 EAP (Community Edition) , added the youtrack pluging which is fine.

I have created an empty project,

And then tried to create config based on steps on the site (creation of empty project is not there but i assume this is the case.)

The list of the templates do not have the youtrack template. In searches there was an older version fix while the reporter was using the ultimate version. Is it possible that it is not properly fixed in all version or is it something different?


I'm afraid using the Community Edition is not an option here, as IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is required for the remote debugger (you can find this mentioned in the Developer Portal article you linked to).


True story Dubin i apologize for this i did not see it. Again apologizes for spending your time. I read the page 3-4 times and still i did not see it. My bad


Glad to help! No problem at all, seems quite easy to miss :)


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