Restrict issue types from Project

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When we are creating a project, we need to select Project type like default,Kanban,Scrum..etc. Based the project type we selected, list of types (issue types) will come automatically. We can add more types to this. But if I want to remove few types , how can we do this. 


Ex: If I want to have a project with type Task and Bug only. we don't have to list any other type under our project. How can we achieve this. Any Ideas?


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Hi! If you'd like your project to have an independent set of values in a custom field (in your case it's the Type field), you can click the Make independent copy button in Edit Project > Fields > Type. Once you do so, you'll be able to add or remove values in that custom field in the scope of your chosen project. Feel free to check this manual in the documentation: Edit a set of values that is shared with other projects.


thank you for your answer. It helps me a lot.


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