How to bulk move time entries for specific date range between issues

How can I bulk move all time entries from an issue that are between date1 and date2 to another issue?  We have had several case where time was entered on issues after release and need to be moved to the next release.  We need to leave the older time entries in the original issue.  This is overwhelming to do by hand.

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Hi Eric, I'm afraid there is no way to move a work item (representing a time entry) from one issue to another. What you can do instead is create a similar work item in your goal issue for every matching work item in the original issue and have these in the original deleted. 

This scenario can be automated using workflows or REST API. For the workflows option, you could create an action rule that would match the timestamps of the work items set in the issue and for those (forEach) that need to be carried over, add a work item in the goal issue (addWorkItem) and delete the original work item in the original issue (delete). Action rules also support requiring user input, so you could require the goal issue to be entered by the user to send these work items over to that issue.

Once your custom workflow has been created and attached to the project, the action rule within that workflow can be executed either from the list available by the three-dot button in the issue, or by applying a command. Classic UI allows for bulk selecting issues, so this way you should be to apply the command to several issues at once.


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