REST API Youtrack returns 404 but locally works

I am discussing with YT Support about following problem but no one has an idea.
I make a request with an app to Youtrack

On my local Mac everything is fine. I get the issue.
But when i deploy the to the server i get an 404 not found.

I have checked the headers etc, everything is 100% the same - the support and me, has no glue what the issue could be!

Does any one from community has an idea?

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Hi Nico,

We've just spoken in the private ticket with the investigation, but I'll leave a comment here as well since this is a public place and someone may stumble upon the same problem. As we found out, requests to get issues via REST API were made just a little earlier than the issues actually got created. Introducing a delay in the scripts between issue creation and obtaining data about it helped, so if anyone faces the same problem, this can be a solution to try out.

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