How to create fields to enter 2 dimensional data

A previous issue tracker allowed us to have fields create a 2 dimensional table within an issue.  Is this possible with YouTrack?  There are between 1 and 100 CVEs (vulnerabilities) for a single third party release.  Treating each CVE in the table as a separate issue, whether at the main level or as a subtask, would put undue burden on engineers to track and close issue.    The status is tracked as a single update to third party code.  To meet customer inquires we need to be able to search by CVE id so a coma separated string is not optimal.  For example a comma separated string search for CVE-2023-1 will match with CVE-2023-1 and CVE-2023-19.

Here is an example of the needed CVE data from a single YouTrack release.

Ideally this would be a 2 dimensional table.  The need could be met by three multi-entry strings.


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Hi! You can create tables within the issue description visually or using Markdown. If you then search for text using a query in Issues, CVE-2023-1 should return only CVE-2023-1, while CVE-2023-1* should return both CVE-2023-1 and CVE-2023-19. Let me know if this addresses your concern.


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