/api/articles not listing all articles

On our Tenant koelliker i face the issue, that a call to /api/articles does not export all articles
As i can request subArticles i would at least expect, to get all topmost articles but this is not the case.
instead of exporting about the expected 100 or so, i allways only get 42.

Why this, how can i overcome that?


Official comment

Hi Marcel!

This is Julia from YouTrack Support.

42 is the maximum amount of entities YouTrack returns unless you explicitly specify a different number with the $top query parameter. I suggest you try adding it - for example, you can call /api/articles?$top=100. This should allow you to retrieve all the articles.

For larger collections, it makes sense to use pagination rather than keep increasing the $top query parameter. You can find more information about it in our docs: “Pagination”.

Hope this helps!

Hi Julia
Works absolutely perfect. 
Thanks for your support and have a good time :-)



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