Gantt Charts - Parallel subtasks, Estimation in months


I have two questions regarding Gantt charts:

  1. Is it possible to use months instead of weeks as the estimation of each task ?
  2. Assume that we have a task which is parent of two subtasks. In case that the subtasks run in parallel, the estimation of the parent is the sum of each individual task which is wrong. Is there any way to display the correct time estimation and not the sum ?

Thank you !


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1. No, the format of the period-type fields takes weeks as the biggest unit of time measurement, and this cannot be changed.

2. When you set a field to be used for estimations in the time tracking settings of the project, the estimation of the parent task is always a sum of the estimations of its subtasks (unless tampered with and modified). 

On the Gantt chart though, the length of the bar representing the parent issue will not be derived from the estimation value of the parent task, but rather from the latest estimation point of any of its subtasks. E.g., below you can see that the bar is 3 days long, despite the estimation value being the sum of its subtasks' estimations:


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