Bulk updating issues without changing Updated date


I'm in the midst of migrating issues from Jira to Youtrack and need to post process some issues to modify the statuses to corresponding statuses, which were sorted by a combination of fields in the previous system.. I will not go too deep into this right now.

Anyhow, I would need to bulk update issue statuses based on these field values, but do not wish to have the updated field updated, and surface old issues in the list due to that.

How would this be possible, and if not through UI, are there any recommendations for other approaches?

Thank You

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Hi! I'm afraid it's not possible to make an update within YouTrack without changing the updated date. You might want to introduce that change directly during the import instead, which can be done by customizing the Jira import script. If the change to the custom fields is made by the import script, it should not be reflected in the updated timestamp.

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