Gantt view: spent time displayed on timeline wrong (does not consider parallel spent time)

When issues are planned in parallel as shown, the red bar extends too far (in this case 5d 1h were booked across 4d).
In reality, these issues would only be overdue by 1h, but the graphic shows it overdue by 1d 1h.

The time should not be applied as consecutive days on a calendar, even if it was 5d 1h, as here. In reality, only 1h was overbooked.

The point ist, the estimation of 5d is not meant as calendar days, but as effort days. In my view it doesn't make any sense to estimate in calendar days. 

Has anyone else experienced this? 

The gantt view is a great feature, and would be even better if this could be fixed! :)

Thanks in advance.



Hi Brian. Currently, the spent time in the parent issue on the Gantt is represented by the sum of spent time in subtasks. We have a corresponding public feature request to change this behavior: JT-76709. Feel free to vote for it by clicking the thumb-up button–this will help us gauge the importance of the feature for our customers, as well as subscribe you to updates in that issue.


Hi Stanislav, 

Thanks, I will do that. The point is that the sum of the time should not be represented on a calendar, given it was not calendar time to begin with, but relative time.

Warm regards,



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